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100% Labour Refund

Lets make It simple, If you are not Satisfied with our service, we offer 100% Labour Refund.

No Fix No Fee

Don`t Worry, You dont have to pay anything if problem cannot be fixed.

Weekends & Holidays

Engineers can visit after Business hours or even on Weekends and Holidays.

Free Pickup & Delivery

If needed, Engineer collect and return your computer or laptop free of charge within the time frame.

Coverage Area

We all areas in London and around the M25.

Computer Virus Removal

Virus Detected? We Can Remove Virus Without Loosing Your Files


Virus remove

Computer Viruses, spywares, and pop-ups are very harmful for operating system. It’s scary when you realize that most of the anti-virus software don`t pick all of the viruses that tries to infect your PC. We all know that it is very difficult to go to safe website to watch movies, download software, files, drivers and especially if a friend of yours is virus infected and began to send out virus containing links emails.

Here is the list of different types of Viruses

  • Viruses – Virus is a sort of coding which actually allow hacker to control over your computer or laptop without your permission. Normally virus comes through malicious web pages, pirated software, torrent and etc. Some times virus goes in to too many system root files which become difficult to find by the Antivirus program.
  • Spyware – Spyware is a piece of software which attacks on your personal information and send it  out to hacker. Spyware virus or malicious websites steal your personal information like names, logins and passwords, and credit or debit card information.
  • Trojans – Torjans viruses are extremely harmful as often when it is installed on a victim’s laptop it will create a “back door”, or vulnerability, in your computer’s defense system that allows it to download and install other malicious software.
  • Malware – Maleware includes viruses like, Spyware, Trojans and etc. Malware is actually one of the dangerous code your system can ever have as it opens all the rout for hackers to do whatever they like to do with your PC.

How would you know if your computer is infected?

  • Your computer speed is absolutely poor or your internet connection very slower than normal.
  • You will see too many pop-ups ads while you are browsing on the web, and sometimes even your not doing anything on computer and web browser is closed as well.
  • Your web browser constantly redirects you to different webpage that look like spam or something like “You Won” or “Computer is Running Slow” etc.
  • Computer is freezing, crashing, restarting or sometimes weird music plays automatically.
  • You see credit card detail has been used our of your knowledge.
  • Your friends report getting strange emails from you that you don’t remember sending.
  • You are unable to access your bank website, cannot write anything while using webpage or find words underline showing different ads.

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